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Consignment is not accepting consignments at this time.

Trade Ins

Perhaps you've seen a guitar on our site that looks to be a better fit for you than a guitar or guitars that you currently own. Consider a trade in if you don't have the patience for consignment and don't want the hassle of selling the guitars yourself. If you're interested in making a trade, give us a call at 317-509-4247 or email us with a detailed description of your instrument(s) and let us know which guitar you're considering from our inventory. We'll get back to you with an estimated trade-in value. The trade-in value of an instrument will be less than its selling price on the open market, of course, and will likely be less than you could get from the instrument if you consigned it through our website. If you decide to go ahead with a trade, we'll ask you to send your instrument to us for a final inspection, to make sure that it's exactly as advertised. If it's not, we'll either renegotiate the trade-in value or we'll be glad to send it back to you at your expense. If nothing's amiss, we'll ask for the remaining balance (if applicable) and then ship you your new instrument as soon as payment's received.

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