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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this section for questions and answers that have often arisen in discussions with other prospective clients. I

Do you have a location in Indianapolis where I can try out one of the guitars I've been looking at?

At present, is almost entirely an internet-based venture. I'll be happy to arrange a mutually agreeable meeting time and place if you'd like to try an instrument in person - please don't hesitate to ask! In the future, we'll also have a limited presence in the festival scene.

Where can I find some general information about your operation?

This FAQ is a good place to start! Also be sure to check out our Contact Us page, which includes a brief history of

Are your prices firm?

First of all, we do NOT engage in the common practice of overpricing instruments, then discounting them to make a sale, or with overvaluing so that you'll have the appearance of having received good value for your trade-in while actually overpaying for an instrument without realizing you're doing so. So in general, the price is the price. That being said, however, if the only thing keeping you from purchasing one of the fine guitars you'll find here is never hurts to ask. We're committed to helping you find the guitar you've been searching for and will explore various options for helping you end up with your match.

Is there someplace on your site where I can easily compare recordings of instruments?

There is now! Check out the Sound Clips page for a number of present and past instrument sound samples all in one spot.

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